In the midst of a push for a positive body image for young women and girls, there is a hateful backlash spreading across social media at an alarming rate.

The hate campaign, led by now infamous “internet trolls”, appears to be currently focused on the “plus size positive” movement featured on several blogs and social media pages.

The Facebook page, Thick girls are my weakness has reportedly suffered a barrage of negative comments, not only aimed at the models and celebrities featured, but also at pictures submitted by fans of the page.

“We love sharing fan photos,” said page owner, Gemma Davis. “The other admins and I know from our own experiences how awesome it feels to see your photo on the page. We try to delete all hate comments, but we receive hundreds of photos from fans every month and it’s impossible to check them all regularly and if the fan sees it, it can really hurt.

They don’t do it because they’re offended, they don’t do it to help or encourage people to lose weight, they simply do it to hurt people. We know if you can start to feel good about yourself and learn to love your body you’re going to treat it better. Our admins and fans regularly post and comment about their weight loss achievements. Achievements that are a result of feeling positive about their bodies.”

The disturbing trend isn’t merely the domain of the internet trolls, it seems the social media sites themselves are endorsing the behavior by regularly removing photos of plus sized women.

“We’re shocked by what’s removed by Facebook from our page, particularly compared to what the commercial pages with photos of thinner models post,” Gemma said. “We can only assume we’re being targeted because we show plus size women.”

But just like the other blogs and pages, Thick girls are my weakness is adamant they won’t allow the bullies to stop them from spreading their positive message. With their commitment to feature beautiful women from curvy to BBW (big beautiful women), the page continues to attract a broad cross-section of fans.

“There are a lot of people who love bigger women or who just love beautiful women and we love sharing the photos with them,” Gemma said. “To the negative-nellies, if your mother didn’t tell you, I’m telling you now; if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

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